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"Get Behind the Mule" by Tom Waits

6:52 for 7/22

Dusty trail from Atchison to Placerville
On the wreck of the Weaverville stage
Beaula fired on Beatty for a lemonade
I was stirring my brandy with a nail boys
Stirring my brandy with a nail

Do ya ever get the feeling that of of Tom’s songs are autobiographical? Either that or he’s providing a soundtrack for a film David Lynch hasn’t written yet.

Hello folks!

I am very glad to report that I am back off of hiatus, I am back to making Youtube videos once again, and I am leading off with a Week In Preview video to go over a TON of great stuff I have coming up. Vinyl, Morrissey, Todd Snider, NYC music stories, live concert reviews over on my blog, Youtube news, singles/reviews from Jenny Lewis, Blake Mills and Spoon…. it’s an exhausting amount but it will be glorious. Go check it out and subscribe!