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Anyone who’s a fan of the Fleet Foxes should go check out this link. I’m not sure what the exact story of this song is, but from all appearances it’s a new song he’s put out there solo? 

It’s beautiful of course, and it comes as no surprise given how these songs he puts out from time to time are of the greatest quality. Very cool. 

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The Tallest Man Debuts “Little Brother”

After a few months spent at home amid Sweden’s Northern Lights-featuring winter, working on the follow-up to 2010’s The Wild Hunt LP and Sometimes the Blues Is Just a Passing Bird EP, another Tallest Man on Earth record looks to be imminent. And as a first — or possibly second — taste of what’s to come, Kristian Matsson brought new material out to South Africa last night for his live debut in the country. Birds Need Feet spotted a clip with decent audio of one promising tune: “Little Brother,” a fresh yet familiar-feeling fingerpicked gem of the solo-electric variety, à la “The Dreamer.” Hear the early live preview above.

Courtesy of one of the greatest music blogs on the ‘net, here is The Tallest Man on Earth presenting what appears to be a new song called “Little Brother”. I for one think it sounds gorgeous, and if it’s off his forthcoming LP then we’re in for a treat here.