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So here’s the beginning of my little end of the week creative capper, in which I take the soon to be released The War On Drugs record “Lost In The Dream”, review it, and put out something fun just a little bit before this is even supposed to be due out. Enjoy! 

Then in this video I took a break from attempting to be a film critic with a dash of music involved, and instead went back to the main root of why I do any of this. For my subject, I devote the time to talking about William Basinski’s “The Disintegration Loops”, which is one of the best and most fascinating musical stories as I’ve heard in quite some time. 

It’s honestly really incredible, and must be read and heard to be believed. Check out the video over on Youtube for links for more info about what this whole thing is that I’m rambling on about! 

And in this video I attempted to do the same thing for Inside Llewyn Davis as I did with Her, essentially having the same results. But if it’s one thing I’d want to carry over it’s the fact I had a lot of enjoyment talking about these movies I really liked, there was at least decent enthusiasm, and great music as the cherry on the sundae! In fact it’s a travesty the soundtrack wasn’t nominated for any awards, something I definitely would have mentioned if I had filmed it a bit sooner!