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Anyone who’s a fan of the Fleet Foxes should go check out this link. I’m not sure what the exact story of this song is, but from all appearances it’s a new song he’s put out there solo? 

It’s beautiful of course, and it comes as no surprise given how these songs he puts out from time to time are of the greatest quality. Very cool. 

And that last video brought this one to mind, and this is a Black Cab Session of Fleet Foxes performing a Judee Sill song called “Crayon Angels”. 

Kind of a silly story, but unless my memory has tricked me this is the first time I truly ever heard Robin Pecknold(since it is just essentially him in this video). At the time I had a bit of a chuckle wondering who this guy looking vaguely like Jesus was, and just why he could sing so well. 

And in truth it reminds me of a much nicer time, so enjoy this lovely little song.